Service and Installation

Mobile Marketing for Service and Installation

Needle Movers technology tools add immense value to product service and installation! 

By converting your service and installation acknowledgment form from paper to our electronic format, Needle Movers can transform what was once a costly obligation into a fully-automated marketing and customer service experience!

From satellite television and internet service to home and office improvements, the Needle Movers Lead Generation platform with finger-signing technology can eliminate paper acknowledgment forms in lieu of electronic signatures.

  • Once the customer has signed the service acknowledgment, using the mobile device of your choosing, it is immediately available through a database.
  • The form can be emailed to your customer through a Needle Movers Customized Response Email that also includes a discount or other offer as a thank you for participating!
  • Paper, printing, data entry and associated costs immediately disappear, while eliminating paper provides protection from lost, stolen or unreadable forms.
  • You save time and money and Needle Movers electronic forms prevent problems related to human error.

But ​Needle Movers can take this process a step further! By adding Needle Movers Mobile Market Survey, once the compliance form is signed, customers can be immediately redirected to take a quick survey to rate their installation and overall customer service experience.

  • By providing the survey immediately in a convenient manner, participation rates and accuracy can significantly exceed those of traditional customer feedback campaigns because the experience is still fresh in the mind of your customers.
  • By using these tools in tandem, the company has a secure, cost-efficient compliance strategy and a valuable feedback mechanism for future marketing and sales efforts.
  • PLUS, the customer had an easy, quick and positive experience with your brand!

Let Needle Movers help you seize these everyday opportunities and transform the way you do business!

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