Sales and Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Sales and Marketing

Needle Movers technology can help any sales and marketing​ team obtain leads, identify customer trends and build brand loyalty, all through a completely automated platform.

Your lead generation, market research and loyalty programs can all be put on auto-pilot so your sales team can do what they do best- close the sale!

  • Needle Movers Lead Generation is customizable and automated, saving time and money by eliminating paper leads and data processing.
  • Consumers input their own information, providing peace of mind in that no one else is able to view personal data, leading to increased lead volume and quality.
  • Real time data allows you to follow-up faster to close the sale!
  • Customers can access your lead form through a company representative, or even a Needle Movers QR code, Short URL and/or SMS Text Code.
  • To gain insight as to consumer behavior or preferences, use our customizable Needle Movers Mobile Marketing Survey to execute your market research campaign.

Once the consumer has filled out your lead form or taken your survey, thank them with a Needle Movers Customized Response Email that contains the call to action of your choosing, from information on scheduling an appointment to a coupon code for their next purchase. Or use Needle Movers Automated Phone Follow-Up to warm a lead, drive the consumer to a salesperson and more!   

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