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Mobile Survey Mobile Marketing

Needle Movers Mobile Marketing Surveys are completely customizable, web-based (mobile or desktop), and self-service. 

  • Customization: Content and reporting is 100% customizable and can include radio buttons, free form text, drop downs and more.
  • Cost Savings: Eliminate printing, postage, associated labor, data entry, and processing.
  • Immediate Data: Real-time reporting with multi-variant segmentation via a client portal or an Excel or CSV file.
  • Drive Results: Better utilize internal resources that would otherwise be used in capturing, analyzing and interpreting data.
  • Integration: Integrates with websites, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Point-Of-Sale, loyalty programs and any number of third-party systems.

Through a Needle Movers SMS Text Code, QR Code or Short URL, customers can scan, click or text to immediately access your unique, customized mobile marketing survey.

The Mobile Marketing Survey system can also send follow up communication to the consumer, such as a special promotion, coupon, or call to action. 

It can be used to schedule appointments or drive the consumer to your purchase page. The possibilities are endless!


Experience It!

To see a sample survey form and experience exactly what your customers will, please: 

  • Text "nmdemo" to 44040
  • Scan the QR code (you can scan it directly from your computer screen)

You can also visit our Experience It page to see these tools in action. If you are currently viewing this page from your mobile device, you can access our form by clicking here. If you are on your desktop and do not have access to your mobile device, you can also follow this link. While these forms look and work great from a laptop, they are specifically designed to scale to the mobile consumer, so be sure to also experience them with your mobile device!

Move the Needle Even Farther!

The Mobile Marketing Survey involves the purchase of a Needle Movers SMS Text Code or QR Code/URL, however the Mobile Marketing Survey can also be purchased with*:

  • Needle Movers Lead Generation: This mobile platform is 100% customizable and automates data processing. Follow with a Mobile Marketing Survey to increase engagement!
  • Needle Movers Attendee Check-In: Upload an attendee list and check guests in through any mobile device. Prompt attendees to fill out a Mobile Marketing Survey after the event to gather feedback.
  • Automated Customized Response Emails: This customized message can follow the Mobile Marketing Survey and include a call to action, links to drive immediate sales and so much more!

*Please inquire about mobile device rentals.

Needle Movers Mobile Marketing Surveys give your audience a simple, easy and engaging way to give you the information that you need, plus so much more. 

In addition, for a limited time Needle Movers is offering 50%-off Mobile Marketing Survey set-up fees for new clients! Click here for a quote!

Licensing Opportunities

Needle Movers currently offers licensing opportunities for our Mobile Marketing Survey and invites you to become an Authorized Distributor of this and/or other select Needle Movers products. Needle Movers also offers the option for white labeling.

Please click here to contact us if you are interested in learning more. We look forward to exploring a future partnership with you!