Mobile Attendee Check-In

Mobile Attendee Event Check-In Application

Needle Movers Mobile Attendee Check-In can drastically reduce or completely eliminate the costs and requirements associated with “traditional” attendee check in, and with Needle Movers, our mobile check-in packages start at less than $200 for 750 guests per event!

These costs can include registration cut-off, guest list printing, labor costs, data entry, logistical challenges and long lines.

  • Upload an attendee list within three hours of your event start time
  • Check each person in through any mobile device with one click
  • Add unexpected guests to your attendee list in real time

With Needle Movers Mobile Attendee Check-In, you will:

Save Money: No printing or shipping, no pens and other materials.* Speed of check-in means you need fewer staff members. 

Save Time: Real time data is available through an on-line client portal. No data entry or processing.

Get the Info You Want: Customizable form collects any data point, such as gender, demographic information, and more!

Have Happier Guests: Shorter lines and a smooth check-in. Easily identify VIPs and alert management upon their arrival.

Customized Reports: Automatically generated and available on-line, downloaded in Excel or CSV, and/or sent to selected recipients.  

Be Able to Integrate: Data is easily integrated with your databases and/or other operations systems through a simple API interface. 

*Please inquire about mobile device rentals.

Move the Needle Even Farther!

  • Automated Customized Response Emails: A customized message to the checked-in guest can include a call to action, links to websites, info on promotions and discounts and more!
  • Automated Phone Follow-Up: Automated phone calls keep your brand in the consumers’ mind and can drive consumer behavior before your sales staff makes contact. 
  • Mobile Marketing Surveys: Mobile Marketing Surveys gather feedback surrounding your event, product or service, attendee experiences with your brand or any other data you’d like to collect. 

For a limited time, Needle Movers is offering 50%-off Mobile Attendee Check-In set-up fees for new clients! Contact Needle Movers today to mobilize your event check-in procedures and save time and money!

Licensing Opportunities

Needle Movers currently offers licensing opportunities for our Mobile Attendee Check-In platform and invites you to become an Authorized Distributor of this and/or other select Needle Movers products. Needle Movers also offers the option for white labeling.

Please click here to contact us if you are interested in learning more. We look forward to exploring a future partnership with you!