Learning Management System

Learning Management System

The Needle Movers Learning Management System (LMS) is an internet-based application that is used to communicate your messaging through self-paced, independent study.

Whether you need a better system for training, brand messaging targeted toward consumers, industry education or any other need, you can include:

  • Instruction manuals
  • Handouts
  • Videos
  • YouTube clips
  • And more!

All learning management system courses come with the option for voice-over instruction, embedded quiz questions and performance tracking includedIf you need new materials, Needle Movers can work with you to create those too!

Our LMS provides:

  • Clear, engaging instruction
  • Consistent messaging
  • Repeatability and scalability
  • An efficientcost-effective and automated platform
  • Proof of retention

Move the Needle Even Farther!

The Needle Movers learning management system gives you an effective, automated way to communicate with employees, customers, prospects, and more. Take your LMS course to the next level with:

  • Needle Movers Video Production: Your customized video is an engaging way to connect visually with your audience and physically demonstrate talking points, product features, and role play. 
  • Needle Movers Videography and Photography: A professional video and/or professionally-produced event photos can serve as content for LMS, social media platforms, case studies, white papers and more! 

Needle Movers wants your training program to serve your individual needs while building efficiencies and impacting your top and bottom line. Click here for a quote!