Needle Movers Customizes SMS Text Platform for a Concert Seat Upgrade

Needle Movers’ SMS Text codes are versatile; so versatile that they can be used for almost any promotion, consumer engagement campaign or loyalty program. The way our clients use the text codes can be customized to accommodate special offers and can be tailored to facilitate a variety of different types of contests and sweepstakes.

The PC is Dying: Invest in Mobile Consumer Engagement

Mobile consumer engagement makes sense. It is flexible: digital forms can be easily customized and consumers can be reached anytime, anywhere. Mobile technology is automated: no longer is a "processing period" an impediment to closing a sale or reaching a consumer. Data is available instantly, and smart marketers and sales teams ensure that leads stay warm.

Needle Movers Goes to Market Offering Uniquely-Developed, Customized Mobile Technology Tailored for Any Industry

Newly-launched technology provider, Needle Movers, offers customized, affordable mobile technology for consumer engagement, mobile marketing, lead generation and more. Needle Movers works with businesses to customize its technology tools to drive results within the framework of each client’s specific industry.

Elyse Boule, Needle Movers Chief Operating Officer, Discusses Mobile Technology on “Money for Lunch”

Mobile technology has become an indispensable and increasingly required aspect of all consumer engagement programs, from marketing and sales to product research and development. Every consumer is quickly becoming the mobile consumer, and the ability for businesses to capture that consumer's attention and connect in relevant ways is critical.

Mobile Usage Continues to Exceed Expectations [Infographic]

Smartphone use has been skyrocketing over the past few years, and recently it was reported that more than half of all Americans now own one of these increasingly popular devices. In fact, in 2010, Morgan Stanley predicted that the number of mobile users would eclipse desktop users by 2015.