How to Successfully Execute Your Mobile Landing Page

In 2013, marketers realized that our world officially went mobile. Marketers took advantage of this mobile angle and made sure to create responsive, or device-friendly, websites. However, in defining a “mobile world” Kristen Purcell, Pew Internet Project’s Associate Director, Research said,


  • Moves information with us
  • Makes information accessible ANYTIME and ANYWHERE
  • Puts information at our fingertips
  • Magnifies the demand for timely information
  • Makes information location-sensitive”

While responsive and device-friendly websites are crucial, a “mobile world” in 2014 will mean much more than just a responsive website. Custom mobile landing pages have become powerful and easy channel to engage your audience with special offers, surveys and videos, all accessible via their mobile phones.

Go Mobile Today!

Needle Movers will help you create a custom mobile landing page for any of your marketing or business development initiatives, from lead generation to consumer outreach and beyond. These specialized pages give you the flexibility and control you need to efficiently engage your audience while providing you with automated, real-time data.

Once your mobile landing pages are created, your audience can access them either with guidance from your brand or event representative or via your digital and print channels using:

Each and every one of these methods of entry will track user engagement with all data and insights reported through your Needle Movers dashboard. Now you can assimilate, track and report your marketing ROI while identifying which aspects of your consumer outreach are effective and can be best leveraged in the future.

Needle Movers will customize your mobile landing page with your own:

  • Company logo
  • Custom message
  • Special promotions and/or call to action
  • Embedded YouTube video
  • Facebook “Like” button and Twitter “Follow” button

Give a Little…

Want to improve consumer engagement? Consider these popular ideas when designing your next mobile landing page:

  • Dynamic coupons: Use mobile landing pages to highlight a Happy Hour, retail discount or any special or daily deal. Needle Movers technology allows you to set rules and dynamically route traffic to a special landing page based on the time of day — 5PM for Happy Hour — or day of the week –Tuesday/Thursday for a shopper loyalty program!
  • Special Offer: “Scan and show this landing page for a free cookie on your next visit!”
  • YouTube Embed: Feature a YouTube video right on the landing page. With the increased focus on quality content marketing to capture consumer attention, it’s been reported that 59% of brands want to share more videos in the next 12 months.
    • When accessing video directly from YouTube, at the conclusion of each video the viewer is taken directly to another video. By embedding your video directly into your mobile landing page, users are redirected and stay engaged with your brand.
    • Following the video, highlight a call to action to guide users through your conversion process.
    • Overall, mobile landing pages provide better stickiness and a better video experience.
  • New or Featured Product: Incorporate a review and image of your newest or favorite product. Needle Mover’s mobile tools allow you to change the item as often as you want without having to update links or QR codes.

Get a Little…

If you’ve made your brand fun and engaging with special offers and engaging content, users won’t mind sharing their information with you! With Needle Movers mobile landing page, you can capture a consumer’s:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Feedback
  • Or any other data point!

Start your lead generation and/or consumer engagement program off right in 2014. Contact Needle Movers and take your program both mobile and digital! With instant brand connections, multiple engagement paths, customized mobile landing pages, enhanced engagement opportunities and real-time data and insights, both you and your customers will be glad you did! Click here for a consultation and quote!