Experiential Marketing and Events

Mobile Marketing for Experiential Marketing and Events

From experiential marketing and corporate meetings to special events and charity functions, Needle Movers automated mobile technology can dramatically improve event results while providing your guests or attendees with a seamless and unforgettable experience!

  • The Needle Movers Mobile Attendee Check In application can be accessed from any mobile device and checks people in with one click, helping to eliminate long lines at check in or registration.
  • Quickly and easily, add walk-in guests who are not on the list instantly without holding up the line.
  • If you have sudden changes in terms of execution, use Needle Movers Bulk Texting to reach your entire staff simultaneously and make critical changes in real time.

The Needle Movers Mobile Attendee Check In application instantly transfers check in data to your Needle Movers client portal in real time, allowing you to see who is checking in to your event as they arrive. When VIPs check in, you can react instantly. With an API hook, you can have attendees instantly added to your lead database!

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