Text-to-Win Concert Seat Upgrade

Text-to-Win Concert Seat Upgrade

To provide Intersport with a mobile-based platform that would allow them to seamlessly execute a real-time seat upgrade promotion as a part of their client’s activation of a music tour sponsorship. The platform needed to allow concert attendees to enter the contest in real time prior to the show start, with all data immediately available to Intersport and their client. The system also needed to randomly select a winner from the database of entries and provide the result immediately. Needle Movers customized our SMS text platform to achieve these goals and exceed our client’s expectations.

  • Intersport’s client held a promotion in select cities in which participants could text to win a seat upgrade.
  • Text-to-win promotion cities included Austin, San Jose, San Diego, Phoenix, LA, Detroit, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta and Denver.\
  • Needle Movers customized our SMS text platform for the promotion, allowing concert attendees to enter the contest by texting their entry information to a unique text code.
  • 12 banners promoting the contest and displaying the text code were placed throughout each venue, primarily near concession lines.
  • Brand Ambassadors were utilized at select events, in which the text code was also featured on the back of their shirts.
  • The promotion and corresponding text code were also advertised on the jumbotron above the stage from the time the concert doors opened until 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the concert. Participation increased closer to show time.
  • The winner of the seat upgrade was selected randomly by the Needle Movers system.
  • Consultative Partnership: Needle Movers worked hand-in-hand with Intersport to adapt our SMS platform to work specifically for the program. Needle Movers worked to ensure our solution met their expectations and provided tangible and meaningful results.
  • Ease of Use: The Needle Movers Text-to-Win system was simple to use, both for Intersport and the end user.
  • Quick and Simple Set Up: The system was easy to set up and quick turn in terms of development. Intersport commented that “the hardest part of development and set-up was figuring out what we needed to say and what needed to be included legally. (The system) set up was very easy.”
  • Real Time Data: All participant data was available to Intersport in real time via a client portal.
  • Random Winner Selection: The Needle Movers system was able to randomly select a winner, removing this aspect of the sweepstakes from Intersport and allowing their teams to focus on driving the program’s success, not its administration.

Intersport and their client felt that the Needle Movers Text-to-Win platform was very well suited to their needs and was both easy to use and set up. The client was also happy with the number of attendees that were reached and participated in the sweepstakes. Intersport expressed that they would use Needle Movers again if a similar project came about, and that they would definitely recommend both the platform and Needle Movers services. 

Client Testimonial:

“Using Needle Movers’ platform was very easy – it was great that we could use random selection to choose the winner. It was exactly what we needed; straightforward and easy to use.”

Rita Battocchio, Vice President, Sponsorship & Events at Intersport