Happy Hour Mixer for Leading Dating Site

Attendee Check-In and Event Host Training Platforms
Leading On-Line Dating Service

To provide our client with a mobile-based attendee check in platform for use at their live marketing events. The platform needed to be able to import Excel guest lists directly into the system, deliver check-in data in real time, and provide the ability to add walk-in guests quickly and easily. Our client also needed a more efficient way to train their event hosts and quantifiably demonstrate content retention. In all areas, the client looked to Needle Movers for increased efficiencies and cost savings.

  • The Happy Hour Mixer events were created by this on-line dating service to bring online dating into live local events and help its members get comfortable in the dating scene. All attendees are current members of the client’s dating service and the members’ guests. 
  • Our client needs to track which members attend each event, while obtaining the names of the member’s walk-in guests as well. The Happy Hour Host acts as the event facilitator by welcoming guests, checking them in, and encouraging members to mingle and enjoy themselves.
  • Events take place in approximately 100 markets, which include most major cities nationwide, as well as some smaller areas.
  • Between 2,000 and 2,400 events per year.
  • Events execute daily, spanning 12 months per year.
  • Prior to using Needle Movers, Hosts were trained using a variety of program documents, however training was not measurable. There was no evidence that trainees had completely reviewed all information, nor was there proof of retention.
  • Events were previously executed using a paper check-in procedure in which Hosts downloaded the guest list, printed it out and manually checked in each person as they arrived. Names were then individually entered into a database and sent to the client.
  • Training and Education: Needle Movers has elevated staff training by providing a customized Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is an internet-based application that is used to train Hosts through self-paced, independent study. The LMS training course includes instruction manuals, handouts, and imbedded quiz questions inserted throughout the training. Also included within the LMS is customized performance tracking and detailed quiz results for each trainee.
  • Partnership: Needle Movers continues to work hand-in-hand with our client to ensure each technology solution is working to elevate event performance and show meaningful results. 
  • Needle Movers Mobile Attendee Check In: Needle Movers provided a mobile-based attendee check-in platform to replace our client’s previous paper check-in procedure, capturing customized attendee information on site through the use of a mobile device. Through a custom interface, our client now has real time access to check-in data for immediate event status tracking. Data such as individual check-in time, male to female ratios as well as attendee email addresses gives our client detailed records on every event to better understand trends per market, per each day of the week and so much more. The mobile platform has provided our client with savings as it relates to printing, materials, data entry and associated costs.

Our client is pleased with the evolution of their Happy Hour Mixer program and the results that have been driven by Needle Movers' technology solutions. Events have gained industry notoriety and have been developed for new markets, new projects, and new clientele. Our client continues to save money on printing, data entry and other materials with the Needle Movers Mobile Attendee Check-in platform. They have increased employee engagement through education and ensure retention through the Needle Movers Learning Management System, which provides performance tracking and measurement systems to ensure training goals are accomplished.

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