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American Laser Skincare (ALS)

To provide American Laser Skincare with a mobile-based Lead Generation platform for use at their live marketing events. In addition to replacing their previous paper lead program, this platform was to deliver lead data in real time for immediate event status tracking and follow up, as well as provide increased efficiencies and cost savings. ALS also needed a more efficient way to train their booth models and quantifiably demonstrate retention.

  • The American Laser Skincare Booth Models program goal is to generate high-volume and high-quality sales leads for ALS, meeting a minimum of 90% or more of their pre-set goals. 
  • Events take place at bridal shows, tradeshows, festivals and various other locations nationwide; one ‘event’ can last anywhere from 1-8 days 
  • Over 2,500 events per year.
  • Execution is over 300 days a year, spanning 12 months.
  • Program is executed in 39 major markets (137 clinic “micro” markets)
  • Event locations include: Miami, Boca Raton, Atlanta, Greenville, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Virginia Beach, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York, Albany, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Madison, Kansas City, Houston, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City, and More.
  • Prior to using Needle Movers technology solutions, Booth Models were trained through independent study of various PowerPoint presentations and handouts, with no proof of course work or retention.
  • All events were previously driven by a paper lead program, in which booth models encouraged event attendees to fill out and sign a lead form. Leads were then compiled and sent overnight via UPS for processing. Each lead was then individually entered into a database, where it was assigned for follow up.
  • The paper lead program often had an up to two week period between lead collection and follow up with the consumer, causing several leads to be lost by going “cold”.   
  • Partnership: Needle Movers continues to work hand-in-hand with ALS to develop a customized and effective technology suite to achieve their training and lead generation goals.
  • Training and Education: Needle Movers has elevated staff training by providing a customized Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is an internet-based application that is used to train ALS Booth Models through self-paced, independent study. The LMS training course includes instruction manuals, handouts, and a 13-minute demonstration video, along with imbedded quiz questions throughout the training. The LMS also provides customized performance tracking and quiz results for each trainee.
  • Needle Movers Video Production: To more effectively communicate training messages while increasing efficiencies, Needle Movers produced a 13- minute training video to be included in the ALS LMS course. By using a video, ALS increased the quality and consistency of their message, while creating a scalable way to physically demonstrate event requirements to anyone, anywhere while saving costs on physical training sessions and the associated travel and other costs.
  • Needle Movers Lead Generation Technology: Needle Movers provided a mobile-based lead generation platform to replace ALS’s previous paper lead program, saving them substantial dollars in printing, shipping, data entry and logistics costs. The lead generation platform is designed to capture customized attendee information on-site through the use of a mobile device. Through a custom interface, ALS has real time access to lead data for immediate event status tracking and attendee follow up. Leads no longer go “cold” as a result of delayed follow up.

ALS is extremely satisfied with the progress and growth of their program as a result of Needle Movers technology solutions. ALS continues to save money on printing, data entry, shipping and other materials with the Needle Movers Lead Generation platform, while the ALS sales team is able to follow up on leads instantly with real time lead data. They have increased employee engagement through education in utilizing the Needle Movers Learning Management System and adding a customized Needle Movers training video to the course. They ensure retention through the LMS with performance tracking and measurement systems, which provide necessary controls, checks and balances to ensure they accomplish their training goals.  

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